[New Book] Yapay Zekânın Değiştirdiği Dinamikler (Dynamics Altered by Artificial Intelligence)

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How has Artificial Intelligence swiftly transformed our world, and what innovations and perils await us in the future? Are we progressing towards a golden age, or rather, hurtling towards an apocalyptic demise precipitated by the dangers posed by artificial intelligence?

These disconcerting queries, which have provided ample fodder for numerous dystopian films, may be difficult to prognosticate at present. However, a scientific divination can be formulated by examining the ongoing research in the field of artificial intelligence. Considering the pervasive infiltration of artificial intelligence into every aspect of our lives, discerning the bigger picture and drawing conclusions becomes increasingly arduous. Why is it crucial to envision the future of artificial intelligence? In truth, there exists no separate future for artificial intelligence; there is only a future for humanity and our world, which is directly influenced by advancements in artificial intelligence research. When sewing machines were first introduced, tailors faced unemployment, but eventually learned to use the machines. Similarly, carriage drivers adapted to automobiles, writers to typewriters, journalists to social media, and soldiers to machine guns. But what will transpire when artificial intelligence supersedes these roles? Can tailors evolve to develop the software of automated sewing machines, or automobile drivers to engineer the software of autonomous vehicles? Or will humanity relinquish all labor to artificial intelligence algorithms and solely engage in artistic pursuits? Yet, even the domain of art is no longer the exclusive purview of humans. Regrettably, numerous professions and sectors will vanish in the medium and long term. New occupations will indeed emerge, but they will be limited in number and necessitate extensive education, as opposed to the multitude of occupations that will have disappeared and did not require specialization. It is therefore of paramount importance to perceive this future and strategically position oneself, investing in the future accordingly. Moreover, it is worth noting that the aforementioned transformations are merely those anticipated in the realm of employment and are generally agreed upon. Artificial intelligence has already permeated every aspect of our lives and will induce profound changes in our future existence.

There are myriad questions awaiting answers across various fields. At this juncture, I believe that the book "Dynamics Altered by Artificial Intelligence" will provide clarity and address many of the questions that plague our minds. In this long-planned book, my academic colleagues and fellow researchers, who are experts in diverse fields of artificial intelligence, and I seek to answer these questions and shed light on the world that awaits us in the future. I believe that this work will prove beneficial for professionals working in this field, interested researchers, and anyone wishing to prepare for this not-so-distant future. I extend my gratitude to all my colleagues who have contributed their scientific perspectives and research to this book. I would also like to express my appreciation to NTT DATA Business Solutions Bilgi Sistemleri A.Ş. for their sponsorship, which enabled us to overcome the financial challenges we faced while assembling the book and for their invaluable contribution to science.


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