Political Correctness & Good Old Days

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Political Correctness

Inner beauty or outer appearance? If you ask this to a random guy, one hundred percent you will get this cliché answer. Of course, Inner Beauty matters. Does it really? Who wants to have an ugly kid? Who wants to be with an unsightly wife or husband? Let’s be honest, if you don’t have already one, you wouldn’t want. Well then what is keeping us from expressing our true feelings sincerely? I bet you have already heard a term called Political Correctness. We call it “The Culture of Lynch” in Turkey. That’s why we pay attention to the words that come out of our mouths especially in these days. Not even a complete sentence, but just one word may offend a group or community. It could be possible you have to face of a bunch of furious people. And it doesn’t matter what do you mean, what is your purpose, what is the real objective of your sentences.  They have their chances to humiliate somebody. They have their free ticket to say horrible things to someone. And they will not pass this. Some sociologists see this political trend equally dangerous compared to terrorism, radical religions, and fascism. It is not quite hard to give right when considering that it has the same potency to gather a savage mob and direct them to a target. So, what about the right of speech?


Good Old Days

I memorize the time when I bought my first smart phone. I signed in Facebook on my balcony and wrote my friends hello, I am sending this message from outside. Nobody believed me, they thought it was a bad joke. Having a Facebook account was a privilege because it used to accept memberships by an invitation.   We had to call Internet to get online, and it sometimes used to ring busy. If you were born after 2000 you had no idea about those. You know what, What I told so far is still new for me. I remember good old days before internet and even cell phones. When I had to reach somebody there was only two options. I would call his home or stop by his home. If he wasn’t at home, there was nothing to do. Maintaining friendships used to require effort and when we met, we would have a lot of things to talk and share. I remember good old days when we tried to stay awake to watch a new movie on the TV and I also remember the times when we read encyclopedias to get information. Who eat what, who visited where weren’t our concern and we seemed okey. I agree the idea that facility of communication is very useful for every area from health to education.  But in old days every knowledge had a value. Now we are struggling in the garbage of data. Nothing can satisfy us. Because always there is somebody on Instagram or Facebook who lives or pretends to live a better life then us. We have nothing to share with friends. Because everybody has already seen that the slap thrown at The Oscar Ceremony, everyone knows about what is happening on the war between Russia and Ukraine. If you are interested in space, you are able to get updates directly from a Rocket launcher’s Twitter account. We have already lost our threshold of joy.  One of my bad days I had realized that. And then I froze my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I deleted news applications on my phone five years ago. I am not worrying anymore to take dozens of photos in a holiday visiting somewhere interesting. I can start eating delicious meals without sharing a picture of it. And I don’t have any curiosity what is going on in the world. I have no fear of missing the moment. Am I a happier person now? I don’t know but I am pretty sure that I feel more free. 


P.S: This is for my English writing practice, please feel free to make a comment and correct me.


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