New Duty, Same Enthusiasm

23.01.2022 03:14:48AcademicOkunma Sayısı : 889

I still remember my very first class, which took place at SDU, the Faculty of Medicine in 2009, where I taught Basic Information Technologies. I walked into the classroom, nervous and excited, as 100 students stared back at me. Would even one of them miss this class? No, they wouldn't. Could 100 students fit into a computer lab? Yes, they could. I took a deep breath and told myself, "Nothing in my career will be more challenging than this. If I can teach this class today, I can teach any class." Of course, more difficult challenges did arise.

Over my ten-plus years in academia, I've encountered various challenges and experiences. However, every obstacle I faced prepared and strengthened me for this very day. With the contributions and support from my family, friends, and mentors, I am proud to announce that I have begun my role as an Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in the Computer Engineering Department at Mehmet Akif Ersoy University's Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my esteemed advisors and colleagues who have come to share this joy with me. I hope that we, too, can visit and congratulate our future students in their endeavors and offer them beautiful gifts as a symbol of our support.

This journey has shown me that embracing challenges can lead to personal growth, and I look forward to the many opportunities and experiences that lie ahead in my academic career.

Doktora Savunması, 3.10.2020 10:30:00
Doktora savunmam sonrası saygı değer hocalarımla birlikte çekilmiş olduğumuz hatıra resimleri.

Danışman Hocalarımın Hayırlı Olsun Ziyareti, 20.01.2022 12:00:00
Değerli hocalarım Prof. Dr. Tuncay Yiğit, Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Mevlüt Ersoy, Doç. Dr. Ali Hakan Işık hayırlı olsun ziyaretinde bulundular.


@bills, 23.01.2022 12:38:59

mehmet hocam hayırlı olsun :) çok sevindim.

@Orhan Deniz KAPLAN, 6.12.2022 12:00:22

Hayırlı uğurlu olsun Hocam. Sizin adınıza çok sevindim. Daha iyi yerlere gelmeniz dileğimle. Selamlar…

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