A Star With a Tail

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Hello, my fellow friends, today I am going to talk about a specific comet. But first, I want to begin with a brief history of a scientific prophecy. People were used to believe that the comets were signs of fires, hungers, disasters, eruptions, and earthquakes coming from God. It was believed that seeing a comet was a messenger of bad things. Today we already know that it was an absolutely ridiculous idea, but things were different that times. However, astronomers who lived in the history were able to change those old misunderstandings one by one. One of them was Copernicus. He made a model which says the earth wasn’t the center of the universe but sun. Of course, it was also incorrect, nevertheless, it brought us to the truth. In this direction, another astronomer disagreed old beliefs and did an amazing research. The results of his research showed that the comets which came by in 1531, 1607 and 1682 were the same comet returning over and over. Then he made a scientific prophecy about the next coming by. He estimated that the comet will be returned in 1758. Unfortunately, his lifetime wasn’t enough to see it. Yet millions including scientists, astronomers and regular people as well were there to be witness the coming by. The comet had been seen the correctly predicted date which was given by Edmond Halley. Yes, I am talking about Halley the comet named after the astronomer.

Halley’s scientific prophecy showed us the comets aren’t supernatural objects but natural phenomenon. Thanks to him we have much more information than in B.C. 239 which is a date of first record of Halley’s comet in the history. Since that time, we had many chances to see the comet. I would like to talk about a few outstanding of them. For example, in 1910 we could have captured it on camera for the first time in the history. Another one was that time when a lot of space missions had been launched to observe it closely in 1986 which was also my birthday. These missions had achieved to obtain a lot of useful information. Well, if I am lucky to live enough, I will be able to see it in 2061 when I will be 75 years old.

To summarize, now we do not believe but we know.


P.S.: This is for my English practice and you are very welcome to correct me


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